Our lamb is the very best free range, pasture raised lamb New Zealand has to offer. Nicole’s extensive knowledge and expectation for premium quality lamb allows Meat Merchant the pick of the flock!
Meat Merchant cut meat to order so we can give you exactly what looking for. A rack of lamb is a great way to show off to friends at a dinner party, and a leg of lamb is an amazing cut for a Sunday roast, but we are huge fans of the lamb shank, cooked until the meat is falling off the bone.

Rack of Lamb

Rack of Lamb is a true classic. At its best it’s juicy and tender, especially if you cook it to medium rare. From dinner for two to a dinner party, Rack of Lamb is sutable for any occasion.

Diced Lamb

Slow cooked diced lamb is the perfect Winter meal. Diced Lamb instead of beef gives a dish a whole new dimension.

Lamb Shoulder

Roasted slowly, leaving tender moist meat that can be pulled off the bone.

Leg Roast

This is the iconic Kiwi Roast.

Lamb Mince

If you’ve travelled the Mediterranean, you’ll know the lamb dishes are delectable and for many the main ingredient is Lamb Mince.