Flank Steak


New Zealand’s Skirt Steak, American’s Flank Steak, France’s Bavette, Brazil’s Fraldinha, Colombia’s Sobrebarringa. What ever name you like to use, this steak is equally diverse in the many dishes it provide

Heart & Green Tripe Raw Pet Food


A blend of Green Tripe and Lamb Heart, an easy meal to feed both dogs and cats to cover their probiotic needs.

Lamb , Mint & Rosemary Sausages


Finest New Zealand Lamb with a kiwi minty aroma. Fine ground with a touch a sweetness.

Lamb Bone In Shoulder Roast


Lamb Brisket Bones


Lamb Brisket Bone. soft cartilage and fat. Ideal for young pups or adult dogs, great for cleaning their teeth

Lamb Leg Chops


Lamb Leg Roast- Bone In


Lamb Loin Chops


Lamb Rack