Satay Chicken Tender Skewers


Sirloin Steak


Sirloin Steak aka: Porterhouse Steak. Equally as tender as scotch fillet, external fat, ideal for crispy fat (250g-280g)

Sliced Ham


Handcrafted ham, natural Manuka Smoked. No binders or unnecessary additives for this sandwich filler.

Spatchcock Chicken


Split Bird, Plain or marinated for a quick cook in oven or bbq

Tasty Italian Meatballs


Handcrafted in store from our very own recipe. Beef mince with beef sausage meat and a touch of herbs served with our in house Italiano Sauce. Quick and easy meal, just like you made it yourself.

Thai, Coconut Cream & Lime Sausages


A course ground chicken with authentic Thai ingredients made from fresh herbs an spices. This one will impress the guests

Tomahawk Steak


Scotch Fillet on the bone, superb man size steak or perfect serve for 2 good sized portions

Whole Chicken


Whole Eye Fillet


Premium cut, bulk buy.
Priced $49 per kilo  (between 1.4- 2kg)
Price will vary between $70- $98