Locally sourced & prepared to the highest quality.

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99% Lean Premium Beef Mince


99% Lean Premium Beef Mince. Pasture Fed

Beef Burger Patties


150g Beef Burger Patty, simply beef and herbs. Cant get any better than that

Beef Cross Cut


Beef Eye Fillet


Premium cut , Most tender cut of beef, Lean, gristle free 180g – 200g Steak

Beef Schnitzel


Thinly sliced, lean meat. Offering diversity for many dishes. Crumb at home with your own family recipe

Beef Scotch Fillet


The staffs top pick! Scotch Fillet Steak aka: Rib Eye Steak. A marbled cut of beef. Melts in your mouth (250-280g)


Beef Steak Mince


Beef Steak Mine. Ideal for all the classic favourites. Bolognese, Lasagna, Cottage Pie, Nacos,

Bolar Roast


Ideal for slow roasting and slow cooker

Boneless Beef Brisket


Ideal for low n slow, beautiful in stews and slow cooker. Superb for pulled beef and stunning with pastries