Meat Merchant

UK-trained Master Butcher Nicole Matthews opens Meat Merchant in Auckland’s Whenuapai Village

Previously resident master butcher at the renowned East Coast Bays Pinehill Butchery, Nicole has recently opened Meat Merchant in the Whenuapai Village.
A twenty year career in butchery, including a 3 year stint at legendary 5th generation London butcher, Lidgates, culminates for Nicole with the opening of Meat Merchant, a new shop crafted on the old fashioned ways of preparing & offering locally sourced top quality meat, poultry, game and smallgoods, from the farm to your plate. Dry aged beef, free range & gourmet cuts, proper butcher sausages and cured meats all benefit from Nicole’s unique techniques and old-school training.
Natural additives and ingredients with no chemicals or fillers, Nicole’s meat is free of animal protein, growth promoters & hormones. Every animal is respected and honoured for its sacrifice to our table.

Old fashioned service, top quality cuts & no over-the-top prices – the way butchers used to be.