Pure Beef Sausages


A fine ground beef creating a beautiful bite on a classic Kiwi snag.

Pure Pork Sausages


A fine ground pork creating a beautiful bite on a classic English banger.

Rolled Beef


Ideal for slow roasting and slow cooker

Rump Steak


Under rated frying steak, most flavoursome of all the tradition tender cuts. Speak to the team to discover their tips on getting a succulent juicy result

Satay Chicken Tender Skewers


Scotch Fillet Steak


The staffs top pick! Scotch Fillet Steak aka: Rib Eye Steak. A marbled cut of beef. Melts in your mouth (250-280g)

Sirloin Steak


Sirloin Steak aka: Porterhouse Steak. Equally as tender as scotch fillet, external fat, ideal for crispy fat (250g-280g)

Sliced Ham


Handcrafted ham, natural Manuka Smoked. No binders or unnecessary additives for this sandwich filler.

Spatchcock Chicken


Split Bird, Plain or marinated for a quick cook in oven or bbq