Chef Rib Roast


Scotch Fillet on the bone, Rib Roast, Standing beef Roast= Devine

Chuck Steak


Corned Beef


Corned Beef made in store with our very own brine recipe

Diced Stewing Beef


Lean beef ideal for stews and casseroles, slow cookers and pressure cookers.
Diced for your convenience.

Flank Steak


New Zealand’s Skirt Steak, American’s Flank Steak, France’s Bavette, Brazil’s Fraldinha, Colombia’s Sobrebarringa. What ever name you like to use, this steak is equally diverse in the many dishes it provide

Rolled Beef


Ideal for slow roasting and slow cooker

Rump Steak


Under rated frying steak, most flavoursome of all the tradition tender cuts. Speak to the team to discover their tips on getting a succulent juicy result

Sirloin Steak


Sirloin Steak aka: Porterhouse Steak. Equally as tender as scotch fillet, external fat, ideal for crispy fat (250g-280g)

Tasty Italian Meatballs


Handcrafted in store from our very own recipe. Beef mince with beef sausage meat and a touch of herbs served with our in house Italiano Sauce. Quick and easy meal, just like you made it yourself.